Copper Strips Its Types And Qualities

Copper Strips

RK Copper & Alloy LLP is one of the most popular manufacturers, suppliers, and stockiest of the excellent quality Copper Strips. We as a copper strip manufacturer develop these strips from various grades and are available in various specifications to meet the needs of any application such as capacitors, boat repairs, etc. The types of copper tapes offered include bare copper tape, enameled copper tape, etc.

Copper Strips

Copper sheet refers to rolled copper, including hot-rolled and cold-rolled. Copper strip refers to copper products in coils with a thickness of 0.06 to 1.5 mm. Copper strip refers to the copper rolled products with thicknesses between 0.06 and 1.5mm. Copperplate belts can be classified according to different grades, which can be roughly divided into brass plate belts, copper plate belts, bronze plate belts, and white copperplate belts.

Features of Copper Strips

  • It is highly corrosion-resistant.
  • It must have high electrical conductivity.
  • Narrow size tolerance.
  • Composition of concentrated content.
  • High dimensional stability.
  • Wide range of sizes and almost zero maintenance.
  • Low fat, smooth surface.
  • Wide range of sizes and almost zero maintenance.

Types of Copper Strips

Bare Copper Strip

  • These Copper Strips are known for their corrosion-resistive feature. The most common application of these strips is found in automatic machines. They are used predominantly because of two important features – wastage reduction feature and the ability to increase production.
  • It has been found that production houses use them as raw materials in various machines. Production companies that are located in areas having high salt content in soil usually use them predominantly.
  • The main features are long service life, precision engineering, dimensional control, and crack-free bends. While the thickness of these strips varies from 0.01 mm to 60 mm, the available width of these strips varies from 6 mm to 359 mm.
  • The most common applications of these strips are in switch terminals, electrical conductors, electrical contacts, and electrical circuits.

Enameled Copper Strips

  • Another popular strip-kind manufactured by a copper strip manufacturer is enameled copper strips. They are mainly used for insulation purposes. Exceptional performance value helps it in a wide range of usages.
  • They are free of defects and that’s why their most common uses are in a wide array of switch gears as well as oil field transformers. Many businesses also use enameled copper strips for binding purposes too. These strips are used to bind different things such as special transformers, electric motor stators, and high voltage motors.
  • Important features of these strips are durability, tensile strength, resistivity to heat/weather/water, and flexibility. There are mainly three kinds of products available in the market and they are Polyesterimide Enameled Rectangular Copper Strip Class 180, Polyester Enameled Rectangular Copper Strip Class 155, and Polyesterimide over coated with polyamide-imide enameled Rectangular Copper Strip Class 200.
  • The cross-sectional area, as well as the width, are the same for all these products and range from 3mm2 to 75mm2 and 1mm to 5mm, respectively.
Copper Strips Its Types And Qualities
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Copper Strips Its Types And Qualities

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