Industrial Use of Copper Bar

Copper Bars

Copper is a malleable, versatile, and conducts heat and electricity. Additionally, copper is soft and becomes more potent in combination with zinc, bronze, tine. Copper is resistant to harsh temperatures and environments and useful for internal and external operations. Copper is the first choice of material by the majority of the product manufacturing companies. Various features like very high thermal and electrical conductivity and the ability to sustain in a corrosive environment make copper the first choice. Copper bars undergo bending and forming very quickly. It also offers outstanding dimensional control and anti-cracking ability.

Industrial uses of copper bar

Various characteristics and properties of copper and copper bar make them suitable in varied industries. Copper bars are widely applicable in multiple industries for the following purposes:

–       Architecture and construction

Copper bars are useful in architecture and construction sector due to its outstanding corrosion resistance. Besides, copper bar shows good toughness against oxide coating and offers durability. Additionally, copper bars show less corrosion in the presence of air, water, and dust particles. Copper bars are useful for roofing as well.

–       Automobile 

For the automobile industry, copper bars are used to replace an aluminium rotor with a copper rotor. The presence of copper bars increases the performance of electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. Also, copper bars reduce electric losses and induce overall efficiency of the motor.

–       Electrical applications 

Copper serves as a carrier of electricity and hence suitable to use in various electrical operations. Copper bars are selected due to its resilience to work at higher temperatures and offers extra security in the short circuit.

–       Marine equipment

Copper bars shows good anti-corrosion ability in the presence of chlorines, and other highly reactive substances. Additionally, copper bars are suitable for seawater also resistant to biofouling. Copper bars work well in seawater piping system, nails, and fuel lines as well.

–       HVAC

Copper bars shows high potential to affect the indoor air quality. The copper bars can kill harmful bacteria and infectious microbes through various heating and ventilation systems.

–       Machined components and CNC parts

Copper bars are the best conductors of electricity, and they are available at low cost. Besides, these bars make CNC machining smooth, easy to handle. Copper can easily undergo a process of shaping and resistant to corrosion as well. The copper machines are less prone to undergo rusting.

Industrial Use of Copper Bar
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Industrial Use of Copper Bar

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