What are Copper Ingots?

Copper Ingots are a fundamental component in various industries due to their versatility and exceptional properties. Crafted with precision and expertise, our copper ingots are the cornerstone for numerous applications across sectors. Copper ingots are essentially large blocks of refined copper, meticulously manufactured to meet stringent quality standards. Renowned for their high conductivity, copper ingots are pivotal in electrical and electronic applications. From wiring and cabling to printed circuit boards, the conductivity of copper ensures efficient transmission of electricity, making it indispensable in the modern world.

RKMI's Copper Alloy Ingots are renowned for their purity and quality, making them ideal for producing a wide range of products where electrical and thermal conductivity is paramount. From electrical wires and components to architectural elements and sculptures, the versatility of these ingots cannot be overstated. They are ideal for heat exchangers, radiators, and other heat transfer applications. Its corrosion resistance further enhances its durability, rendering copper ingots suitable for outdoor installations, plumbing systems, and marine environments where exposure to moisture and harsh conditions is common.

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Moreover, copper ingots find extensive usage in manufacturing various alloys, including brass and bronze, due to their compatibility with other metals. These alloys exhibit enhanced mechanical properties, making them valuable in producing components for machinery, automotive parts, and architectural elements. In addition to standard Copper Ingots, RK Copper & Alloy LLP offers specialized variants such as DHP/DLP Copper Ingots and Commercial Copper Ingots, catering to specific industry needs with tailored properties and performance characteristics.

Copper Ingots Specifications :

Length :- 800-2500 (mm)
Width :- 305-1000 (mm)
Specifications :- IS: 191, 613 & 1897, BS EN 13601:2002, ASTM B5, B30, B442, B216
Conductivity :- Above 97% IACS min in Half Hard
Above 99.95% in annealed
Purity :- Copper - 99.9%
Specifications (OFC) :- Copper: 99.99%, O
2: < 10 ppm
Copper: 99.90%, O
2: < 100 ppm

Many Industrial Sectors and Application of Copper Ingots :

Automotive Radiator, Metal Forming, Gaskets, Plumbing Products, Eyelets, Hardware, Lamp caps, Electrical Fittings, Terminals, Electronic Components, Metal Zip, Flashlights, Handicraft, Decorative Items, Domestic Appliances, Connectors, Shaving Products, Springs, Telecommunications, Locks, Photo Frame etc.

Specialist & India’s Largest Suppliers of

Copper Ingots Grades Like C10100, C10200, C10300, C10400, C10500, C10700, C11000, C11300, C12000, C12200, C14300, C14420, C14530, C19210, C19400 etc.

Copper Ingots Stocks :

Copper Ingot Supplier

Copper Ingot Supplier

Copper Ingot Manufacturer

Copper Ingot Manufacturer

Copper Ingots Stockist

Copper Ingots Stockist

Types of Copper Ingots

  • Copper Alloy Ingot
  • Copper Ingot Supplier in India
  • Copper Ingot Exporter
  • Copper Ingot Stockholder
  • Copper Ingots Supplier in Mumbai
  • ASTM B5 Copper Ingot
  • ASME SB5 Copper Ingot
  • Copper Ingot Stockist in India
  • Copper Ingots Distributor in Mumbai
  • Copper Ingot Manufacturer
  • Copper Ingot Dealer in India
  • Copper Ingots Stockist in Mumbai

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