A Guide to Copper Bus Bars

Copper bus bars

What are Copper Bus Bars?

Copper Bus Bars are square strips of conductive metal, such as copper, that are used to carry current and dissipate heat. Copper Bus Bars can be used in many applications. They are often found in manufacturing settings, as well as in custom enclosures. They are also used to mount components. These bars are available in a variety of sizes, from 100A to 1000A. During the past 50 years, Copper Bus Bars have surpassed hard-wired power distribution systems.

When deciding between a copper and an ETP Bus Bar, consider the overall weight and cost. A copper bus bar can be installed in a custom enclosure, or used as part of a standalone design.

What should a Copper Bus Bars have when selecting a conductive material?

Copper Bus Bars are made of conductive materials they are not designed to be painted. These bars can only be coated with substances that will not interfere with the electrical conductivity of the bus bar. The conductive materials must also have a high degree of mechanical resistance and be easy to work with. Often, the conductor materials are copper or aluminum.

Conductive materials must also have a low degree of thermal tolerance. For example, if the temperature rises above 65degC, the system will be unproductive. Also, the bus bar may need to be insulated or vented to control the temperature.

There are other factors that are important when selecting a conductive material. For example, the conductor material should have a high level of mechanical resistance, and low electrical tolerance of surface films. A Copper Bus Bar must also be able to be bent correctly. It should also have good corrosion resistance, as well as a low thermal tolerance.

The electrical conductivity of copper is much better than that of aluminum. This is a result of the higher conductivity and density of copper. However, aluminum is often used in applications where the lightweight property is important. For example, aircraft use aluminum. Aluminum is also less dense, making it less energy efficient.

A Guide to Copper Bus Bars
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A Guide to Copper Bus Bars

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