Are you thinking of buying oxygen free copper commercial copper coils today? If yes, then we would like to advocate you select RK copper and alloy LLP. Of course, we are the well-experienced suppliers, makers and stockiest of such kind of commercial copper coils and other industrial related products. We have some expert's team which makes this oxygen free copper coil, using the high-technology and urbanized machinery. All high conductivity and powerful copper contain some oxygen, which in turn copper refining procedure but, particular applications need copper with the lowest rate of oxygen and even highest purity, this is known as oxygen free copper.

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This copper coil is generated by the conversion of chosen refined castings and cathodes under cautiously controlled conditions to shield any corruption of a pure oxygen-free alloy during processing. Also, the procedure of OFHC copper assures additional high grade of metal along with the copper content of 99%. With the small content of extraneous components, the intrinsic properties of copper are fetched forth to a high-degree. The features of it are high electrical, high ductility, high impact strength, ease of welding, low volatility, and good creep resistance under high vacuum. These commercial oxygen free copper coils obey the rules of industrial standards and international norms as well – ASTM, and ASME.

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Oxygen free copper commercial copper coils are now available in cut to size choices from us. We are offering the highest quality coils which are known for their outlined features. Also, if esteemed patrons get it in bulk from us, we provide a heavy discount on it. With this, we can offer the copper coils, wrapping in wooden or metal cases to avoid damages and rusting, while carrying. The labeling of manufacturer's name, 100% originality, heat number, quantity number, lot number and more are done on it. So, buy it today from us!

Oxygen Free Copper Coils Specifications :

Thickness ranges :- 0.004″ – 0.0075″ (0.79″ – 16″)
0.008″ – 0.0110″ (0.79″ – 19″)
0.008″ – 0.0110″ (0.79″ – 19″)
0.060″ – 0.1570″ (3.00″ – 49″)
Width ranges :- 0.400″- 49″
Inner Diameter (ID) :- 16 to 20 in
Size :- 330 Piw (± 10%)
Gauge :- 0.004 to 0.140 in
Temper :- M,1/4H,1/2H,H, Soft, Quarter Hard, Half Hard, Hard
Specification:- ASTM B152, GB/T5231-2001.GB/T1527-2006.JISH3100-2006,JISH3250-2006,JISH3300-2006
Standard :- EN 1652: 1998, EN 13599: 2002
Conductivity :- Above 97% IACS min in Half Hard
Above 99.95% in annealed
Purity :- Copper - 99.99%
Specifications (OFC) :- Copper: 99.99%, O
2: < 10 ppm
Copper: 99.95%, O
2: < 100 ppm

Oxygen Free Copper Coils Chemical Composition :

Cu(1,2,3) Pb Zn Fe P Ag As O Sb Te
(1) This is a high conductivity copper which has, in tde annealed condition a minimum conductivity of 100% IACS except for Alloy C10100 which has a minimum conductivity of 101% IACS.
(2) Cu is determined by tde difference between tde impurity total and 100 %. For alloy C10100 tde Cu value is exclusive of Ag.
(3) The following additional impurity maximum limits shall apply: Bi 1ppm (0.0001%); Cd 1ppm (0.0001%); Mn 0.5ppm (0.00005%); Ni 10ppm (0.0010%); Se 3ppm (0.0003%); S 15ppm (0.0015%); Sn 2ppm (0.0002).
Min (%) 99.99
Max (%) 0.0005 0.0001 0.0010 0.0003 0.0025 0.0005 0.0005 0.0004 0.0002

Many Industrial Sectors and Application of Copper Commercial Copper OF Coils :

Automotive Radiator, Metal Forming, Gaskets, Plumbing Products, Eyelets, Hardware, Lamp caps, Electrical Fittings, Terminals, Electronic Components, Metal Zip, Flashlights, Handicraft, Decorative Items, Domestic Appliances, Connectors, Shaving Products, Springs, Telecommunications, Locks, Photo Frame etc.

Specialist & India’s Largest Suppliers of

Oxygen Free Copper Commercial Copper Coils Grades Like C10100, C10200, C10300, C10400, C10500, C10700, C11000, C11300, C12000, C12200, C14300, C14420, C14530, C19210, C19400 etc.

Oxygen Free Copper Commercial Copper Coils Stocks :

OFC Coil

OFC Coil

C10100 Oxygen Free Electronic Copper Coil

C10100 OFE Copper Coil

Copper Coils OFHC

C10200 Oxygen Free Copper Coils

Types of Oxygen Free Copper Commercial Copper Coils

  • OFHC C10200 Copper Commercial Copper Coil
  • Commercial Copper Oxygen-Free Copper Coils Distributor
  • ASTM B152 Oxygen Free Copper OFC Commercial Copper Coil
  • C10200 OF Copper Commercial Copper Coils
  • Oxygen Free Electronic Copper Commercial Copper Coil
  • OFS Copper Commercial Copper Coil Exporter
  • Copper Commercial Copper Alloy CDA 10100 Coil
  • Copper Cooling Coil
  • Copper Commercial Copper Coils CDA 10200 Dealer in India
  • ASME SB152 Oxygen-Free Coil in India
  • OFC Grade Copper Commercial Copper Coil Supplier in India
  • Cu-OF CW008A Copper Commercial Copper Coil Stockist in India
  • Wrought ASTM F68 Oxygen-Free Copper Coil
  • C10100/C10200 Copper Commercial Copper Coils Stockist
  • Oxygen Free Commercial Copper Coils
  • Oxygen-Free Copper Commercial Copper Coil Manufacturer
  • OFS C10400/C10500/C10700 Copper Commercial Copper Coils
  • Oxygen Free Silver Bearing Copper Coil
  • OFE C10100 Copper Commercial Copper Coils in Mumbai
  • DIN 2.0040 OF-Cu Commercial Copper Coils

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